Hey! I am Dr. Sam, Founder and The Main Web Designer and Instructor Here at Scalewebsite. My Main Goal is to Provide Real Value and Create High-Quality Premium Websites.

Our Team

Samiullah Khan

Samiullah Khan


Hey! This is Dr. Sam, the founder and the main web designer and instructor at Scalewebsite.com.

James Doe

James Doe


Hey,! Doe here, I am the co-founder and web developer at Scalewebsite.com.

John Rio

John Rio


Hey! This is John, a web developer at Scalewebsite.com. I’ll be glad to help you create an awesome website.

Great Website Matters


Scalewebsite is an experienced web design company that offers a wide range of website services. For years, Scalewebsite has provided these services to both small and large businesses, and we have extensive experience with a wide range of web design platforms.

We’ll provide you with the best website you’ve ever built. The premium (Divi) Theme that we provide not only comes with some great design tools, but it also helps you make your site a success and give you the authority to build stunning web designs with ease.

Why Choose Us

You’ll get the best offer you’ve ever had in your life with the most popular WordPress premium Theme (DIVI), Plugins, and much more.

About us

We create dream websites


Premium plugins & so much more

Just under 300$ & save up to 4k$

Trusted by 7k+ clients

Get 200+ premade websites


What We Do

We’re here to help you get started. We will provide you with the best service at an extremely affordable price that you can never find such inexpensive and premium well-deserved service in the entire internet world.


Our Approach

We create websites with fully responsive designs that express trust and reputation. If you are a professional, looking for a job, or a business expert, creating a responsive and well-designed website is a great demosntration.


Our Mission

Honestly, no big words, our main goal is to provide great websites, but yet incredibly affordable so that you can use the premium websites for your online businesses.

Our Story

For a Successful Business, setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. It’s not just about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen DO IT.

Premade Websites

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Available 24/7

We are available round the clock to service you and guide you in creating your dream website.


Rest assured, you will never ever be disappointed with the most popular WordPress Theme (DIVI).

Free Consultations

We will be very glad to help your mind clear. Email us for any inquiry at contact@scalewebsite.com

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