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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I have a Website?

By creating a new website, you are establishing an online presence. This makes it possible to reach a wide audience that you might not otherwise reach. It’s important to create a small business website to better inform your audience, demonstrate your business model, increase brand recognition & awareness, and drive sales.

Whether you’re creating a simple or basic website with contact info for your small business or healthcare service, making a contact form or a landing page for your freelance job, a storytelling website, a food delivery site, an affiliate marketing website, a wedding photography company, or just wanting a place to blog about your thoughts on culture, traveling, providing services, having a well-designed premium website will give you a dynamic advantage.

Why Choose Scalewebsite?

Honestly, We are here to just help you started, and we will provide you with the best service at an extremely affordable price that you can never find such an affordable and premium well-deserved service in the entire internet world.



You will save up to 4000$ for not hiring a web designer to build for you a website, and you will also save up to 500$ for DIVI Theme and related necessary plugins. We will provide you professionally well-designed, well-animated website sections, columns, and modules.

When you have DIVI Theme installed on your website, you will be amazed at how easy everything customizes because your site runs on DIVI Theme so you can visually build everything super simple. Isn’t it AMAZING just 299$? Common guys!smile


Your website will have the most popular WordPress Premium Theme (DIVI) in the world. And DIVI Theme is all-in-one, which means that it is the ultimate page and theme builder.

You won’t need to have an Elementor or any other page or Theme builder. DIVI builder is the most powerful builder which comes built-in with DIVI Theme.


Why we offer you so much for so less, as we said earlier, we just want to help you start your best journey of online business or personal site.

We have a lifetime membership subscription with DIVI and with their related premium plugins. So our Web Agency has unlimited access and the right to installed DIVI Theme on unlimited websites with Premium lifetime updates and API keys for DIVI Theme & Plugins.

Nowadays, online earning is a Trillion dollars market, why not grab a piece of that.

Creating a Website?

Building a website is not a hard and technical job nowadays, it needs a relatively small effort that can have a big impact on the bottom line of your business. Here’s how you can begin to build your website:

1: Choose a Domain Name

The domain is the address of your website such as ( It mostly cost around 8-15$/yr. However, this depends on the extension such as (.com, .net, .org, etc). How and where you can find the available domain of your choice is a relatively easy task. You can go to (, here you will find the available domain that corresponds to your business.

2: Web Hosting, (Siteground)

Web hosting is an internet server that can host your site and make your site accessible in an online database. There are many company who provide web hosting but we recommend Siteground hosting. It cost around 10$/month, on signing up for 1-2 years the price dramatically reduce with 60% discount.

Sitegroung is hands down the best-shared hosting provider with great site speed. It also provides free business email such as (, also they provide free SSL to secure your site from malware, and much more.

During the sign-up process for hosting at Siteground, you can also purchase a Domain name here , the one you got in So that could be easier to propagate and sink at one platform.

Package 1 Details

Basic Plan

In Basic Plan, you will get a premium DIVI Theme and premium Email Optin Bloom plugin & Social Media Monarch Plugin. With a Basic Plan, you will also get some premium well-designed sections and modules for a variety of purpose usage within your website.

The Basic plan is excellent for you if you have enough time or web design skills in order to design sections and modules yourself. However, if you don’t bother your head with this, you can just go with a Standard Plan.

Standard Plan

The Standard plan is a game-changer. You will get 5 pages website of your choice. Our professional web Developers team spent tons of time developing these beautiful customizable sections and modules for you to fly high.

It will literally save you a lot of time because you will get ready-made, up running, well-designed, well-animated sections, and modules that you can use for a variety of purposes within your website.

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan is a great choice for everyone to be honest. It is very affordable. In this Plan, you will get all in the basic & standard plan, and more importantly 15 pages website and custom set up of your choice.

Package 2 Details

We love to help you grow bigger.

Everything you will get the same as mentioned in PACKAGE 1, but here you will get Two amazing websites instead of One. I think this is by far the greatest deal one can have.

Even if you look up online you can’t get a service to create a single website for 499$ or 699$, and or 1399$ with a premium Theme and plugins and so much more, but here you can get 2 with priority support.

NO BIG WORDS, but we are 100% confident that you will love our service.

200+/1470+ Premade Layouts

The Best Thing Yet To Come.

When you get a website of any plan, you will have full lifetime access to 200+ premade website layout packs of different categories and niches where you can choose the one that suits your business. Also, you will have full lifetime access to 1470+ premade page layout templates. The page layouts are easy to import to your site with one simple click.

All the 200+ premade websites and 1470+ page layouts are professionally well-designed, well-animated, and beautifully made, so you don’t need to have any sort of experience or knowledge of coding. Everything you will get readymade and ready to import to your site with one simple click.

After you import any website or page layouts to your site, you can easily customize any page, section, or module the way you want with the world’s best builder “DIVI builder” which comes built-in with a premium DIVI Theme.

You will have the best experience using DIVI and DIVI builder with extra functionality of visual builder because it is super simple to use with drag and drop functionality.

You can import as many page templates as you want to your site. Whenever you import a page, you can add and save your favorite sections and modules into your DIVI library for later use. This will save you a lot of time by not creating one thing again and again, and you can import and export those sections and modules from the DIVI library to your target page with just one simple click, isn’t it AMAZING.

Premium Theme and Plugins

Yes, you will get a Premium DIVI Theme from (Elegant Themes) & Premium Plugins with API keys. This is what great about us to provide you with an incredible and yet the most affordable opportunity to get started. It is now your time to take action rather than thinking because taking action is the key to success.

Custom Website

Nowadays, it is critical to have a great website design because so many people prefer shopping and search services online. Having a responsive website and web design is also very critical, as almost 50 percent of today’s online browsing is done on mobile phones and tablets.

If a customer or client searches your site and needs to pinch and or zoom-in in order to be able to read and navigate, if your site is not responsive, the more chances are that they will move to another site and you will almost definitely lose that customer.

Website With Fully Responsive Design

A well-designed website can express trust and reputation, or help you by getting people to purchase from you. If you are a professional looking for a job, or a business expert: by creating a custom responsive and well-designed website, you can demonstrate it to the whole world.

What Are Plugins?

Plugins are basically add-on, that gives additional functionality to your website. So your website and web pages will display additional content that might not without plugins could be achieved.

We will install and set up all the essential plugins on your WordPress website depending on the plan you selected.

Ready To Start?

1: Go to the 3rd FAQ (CREATING A WEBSITE). Follow all those steps.

2: Why we recommend Siteground because it is fast and a reliable web hosting. You can host unlimited websites with GROW BIG PLAN of Siteground, it is a great deal for you. Nowadays, most people have 2-3 websites, and their websites earn a handsome amount of money/month.

Also, with Siteground you can create unlimited subdomains, such as our website is (, the subdomain could be ”, etc), this way you can save a lot of money.

After you successfully purchase domain & web hosting, at the end of the process you will redirect to, you will simply click and install the WordPress manager, and here you will give your email address and password for your WordPress sign in.

WordPress is the most popular and widely used free of cost web manager. Most websites using WordPress, because it is so simple and powerful to manage everything especially the WordPress dashboard.

3: After that, you need to send us your WordPress Email and password, so we can set up your WordPress website, install the premium WordPress DIVI Theme, Premium Plugins, add API keys for Theme and plugins, and we will set up and manage as well as design all elements you applied for the selected plan so you can have lifetime premium theme and plugins with free updates.

4: When the job is done from our side, you can then change the password for your WordPress website. Enjoy happy journey.

Documentation & Tutorials

1: Check Out all 200+ premade website layout packs. Check Premade Websites

2: Check Out all the documentation and blogs from A-Z. Everything demonstrated here crystal clear how to make an amazing, well-designed website with DIVI. Visit DIVI Blogs

3: Check Out the YouTube Channel, where you can find thousands of videos on how to configure each and every part of your website super simple. Visit YouTube Tutorials

Payment We Accept

We accept PayPal. However, you can also use your Credit card, Debit card, or Visa card for the purchase.

PayPal Fee Applied

PayPal Fee: Transaction + Fixed fee (4.40%+0.30$)

Package 1

Basic Plan: ( WEBSITE )  299$ + (13.40$ fee)              Total: 312.40$

Standard Plan: ( WEBSITE )  399$ + (17.80$ fee)      Total: 416.80$

Ultimate Plan: ( WEBSITE )  699$ + (31.00$ fee)       Total: 730.00$

Package 2

Basic Plan: ( WEBSITES )  499$ + (22.20$ fee)            Total: 521.20$

Standard Plan: ( WEBSITES )  699$ + (31.00$ fee)    Total: 730.00$

Ultimate Plan: ( WEBSITES )  1299$ + (57.40$ fee)   Total: 1356.40$

How Secure is My Payment Info?

PayPal Payment is 100% secure.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We’ve got you covered. Because Divi Theme is the world’s most popular theme, we just charge you for our hard work. But for your satisfaction, we will fix or return your money if there any issue comes up with DIVI Theme & Plugins, and remember issues are so unlikely because millions of users using the DIVI theme & the related premium plugins. To date, no issue or problem occurred with the Divi theme. DIVI from Elegantthemes periodically updates the theme and plugins. So never to worry. You’re lifetime in safe hands.

Here at Scalewebsite, we provide our web development and web design service to you. This means that we spend hours working for you related to the Package you purchased. We just cost for our hard work which is a tiny amount compared to other web services. And all other products on the pricing page we provide you for free because we have lifetime access & subscription for all those products to use them unlimited times and on unlimited websites. Clear!!

Most Importantly, you will get more than 600$ products, that include (Premium DIVI Theme from Elegantthemes and Plugins with lifetime API keys installed, isn’t it amazing). Also, you will get all premium sections and modules as well as add-ons per package described on the pricing page.

For your satisfaction, just to remember what we offer too much for too less, the reason is that we just want to help you get started and so you can remember us in prayer when you making thousands $ per month from the website we provide. Helping others make us happy.

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