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Buy 2 websites deal is great, it has all the features as standard or ultimate plan. You’ve full control, you can use it for a variety of purposes, including blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and so on. It totally depends on what website you need for your online business and niche.


PayPal Fee Applied

PayPal Fee: Transaction + Fixed fee (4.40%+0.30$)

Package 1

Basic Plan: ( 1 WEBSITE )  299$ + (13.40$ fee)              Total: 312.40$

Standard Plan: ( 1 WEBSITE )  399$ + (17.80$ fee)      Total: 416.80$

Ultimate Plan: ( 1 WEBSITE )  699$ + (31.00$ fee)       Total: 730.00$

Package 2

Basic Plan: ( 2 WEBSITES )  499$ + (22.20$ fee)            Total: 521.20$

Standard Plan: ( 2 WEBSITES )  699$ + (31.00$ fee)    Total: 730.00$

Ultimate Plan: ( 2 WEBSITES )  1299$ + (57.40$ fee)   Total: 1356.40$


Product Details

In this Basic Plan, you’ll get 2 basic websites with a premium DIVI Theme and premium Email Opt-in Bloom plugin & Social Media Monarch Plugin. In this Plan, you’ll also get some premium well-designed sections and modules for a variety of purposes usage within your website. In addition, you will get all the products listed in the package 1 basic plan.

If you’re completely new to web design or you don’t want to bother your head with this web design stuff, you may go with a standard or ultimate plan, so you can get everything readymade in your hands and this way you can save a lot of time even days and weeks or even months to figure out how to further design a website. If you think about the time you would spend in further designing your site if the same time & effort you apply to your work or on the website we provide, you may make 10 times more money than what you pay for the standard or ultimate plan.

Having 2 or more websites is great for earning more passive income/month. Since you can host unlimited websites & subdomains via SiteGround hosting, why not take advantage of having more free website hosting than one website and more passive revenue. Nowadays, everyone has 2-5 websites for their online business, such as one for blogging websites, affiliate marketing websites, e-commerce websites, one for blogging, etc.

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